Deputy Commissioner Message

It gives us an immense pleasure and ecstasy to present the new comprehensive website of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Hyderabad Region.
It is a compendium that mirrors multifarious activities that go on throughout the year for the harmonious and all round development of the future citizens, as well as their accomplishment in the different fields. Education, today, is not limited to a narrow space, it embraces, the depth of knowledge, the culture of character and the blending of personality. KVS has taken a pioneer initiative in providing unlimited opportunities to students to excel and prove their mettle in various fields. It is an institution with the underlying aims of education and education psychology. In a secular environment educational and co-curricular activities are a common Feature. Competitions are organized at different levels to promote national integration. As the teacher too has a pivotal role to play in the educational field .We have a team highly qualified Principals, teachers selected on all India merit basis who are fully devoted to their duties and responsibilities towards society and nation at large. Besides command over their subject they are well equipped with the latest technology of learning and developments taking place in the field of education. Ample opportunities are being provided to chisel their knowledge through literary interactions at Vidyalaya level, during subject committee meetings and staff meeting, through orientation and refresher courses and through workshops and seminar conducted at Regional and All India level. No tuition fee is charged from any students up to class-VIII and from girls even upto class-XII. 25% of seats in class-I are filled up by the children belonging to socially disadvantaged and economically weaker sections of society under RTE. Children admitted under this Act receive free education up to class-VIII.
This website will display information on administration,infrastructure, scholastic and non- scholastic pursuits, latest events, attainments and achievements. I am thankful to Principals, Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff and Students of various KVs running under this Region for consistent effort to hold our flag high....Jai Hind